brain storm & meeting of the minds

The history and conception of your ideas will be taken into major consideration to create a “personality,” a necessary home and audience for your product to live in. Through open conversation, sharing of ideas, examining directions, freedoms and limitation, we create the ultimate collaboration and focus on targeting your specific audience.

From the second we have our first conversation with you, and the players are introduced, and all the rolls are determined, the creative process begins. If there are any budget or time constraints, solutions can be made on the spot or disclosed after corresponding with vendors. 




Sometimes the creators and owners of a product need an outside perspective. When a product is too close and personal, an outside perspective can open up a bit more possibilities. During this creative process our knowledge of printing, and the availability of certain technologies can expand that original view, ultimately creating more options and solutions for your packaging. Consulting is especially needed when large multi-brand corporations are outsourcing their projects like packaging and design because its easy to dilute the brand. That is one consequence of too many captains at the helm and no brand managers. We are your brand guardian.

Because we’ve been to this dance before, we’ve seen all the pitfalls of an unsuccessful design, expensive print projects, and unnecessary communication. By getting to know you, your product, your history, and personality, we facilitate these complicated steps and daunting decisions, ultimately honing in on your exact needs.


building relationships

Through this process its inevitable to build bonds. Building long term partnerships is always beneficial for your product and brand because everyone will envision the growth and success together. We all become invested in your success, and we all become invested in your bottom line - to a fault! When theres room to grow, room to expand, room to improve, we heed those opportunities and trek those paths with you sharing the adventure all the way through to the end.

We care to make you part of the MBN Family. We envision your future, we envision your growth. We build brands, we build relationships.