Print & Production

Technology changes rapidly now a days and the production of something that used to be expensive yesterday, may not be so expensive today. We use vendors that are market leaders in their industry, this limits any unintended results in our projects. 

Because of our long history in the industry, and long relationships with our vendors we can easily manage all technical processes through to the end. Our vendors can also become part of the creative process. They can also recommend certain substrates, specific technologies and printing methods to achieve our specific goal.


market response


Even when the product is in the store, being delivered, ordered and enjoyed, the refinements do not end. You can gather data and market response with your package. A vendor can explain that something is resonating with the public and we can make running changes to one or all your packages. 


& Refine

A perfect reason to create a long term relationship with a design agency is to have the opportunity to refresh your packaging in stages. You build brand equity after time and its very important that you do not alienate you core customer with too many drastic changes all at once. This takes a finite approach to branding and design. Small steps, with a planned refinements, running changes while incorporating any new found data being received from the public.

Many companies refresh their packaging pretty often now a days to keep up with market trends.  Certain benefits and key features become more pertinent through this fast paced social media world, and everyone needs to bob an weave, zig and zag at any moments notice.