The conception of an idea is one the most exciting parts of the design process. This is where everyone collaborates, all avenues are considered, and everyones expertise is acknowledged. The sky’s the limit. Thats how great ideas and viable solutions are born, through a true meeting of the minds. 

During this process these determining factors are essential:

  1. Demographics for your product

  2. Personality and feel of your package

  3. Research and market competitors

  4. Creative briefs and budgets

  5. Physical structures

And most of all, the decision to produce and package your exceptional product is officially made.





Once a path has been laid out, and research is factored in, exploration begins. Concepts are executed, different looks and feels are explored, colors, typography, and different substrate ideas are envisioned. 

If we’re expanding on an existing brand or product, this is where a brand refresh can be considered, otherwise brand development is simultaneously in progress. Product naming, selling points, product benefits and other forms of creative writing is also something worth analyzing within this stage. There is never a lack of creativity while conceptualizing.




Physical and digital mockups are essential in the design process. They help us envision how the actual product will look like on the shelf sitting with the rest of the competition. Final refinements can be made right before production. During these stages we can decide between different printing methods to attribute specific technologies to meet specific printing needs. Different technologies are used to either enhance certain design elements with textures, special die cuts, materials, special colors or metallics, or even simpler routes are considered to meet budgets and deadlines. 

Before production, we always examine any possible unintended consequences that may arise during this process. We align ourselves with vendors and like minded printers so that the end results, are always expected results. If you have any previous relationships with vendors we will assure that any transitions and new collaborations will be made smoothly.