This award winning party game has been a hit in family homes for over a decade now. As with all brand refresh, the challenge was to raise its shelf appeal, while keeping its current brand equity. With a very well detailed creative brief provided by the creators of Telestrations® we sifted, learned, and discovered with careful examination, what we kept, what we eliminated, and what we needed to add.

Through game play we discovered that its entertainment value wasn’t being represented anywhere on the package. So to convey the fun and a basic step by step process of the game we decided to create a group of players for the Mr. Sketchy mascot to play with. 




By adding family and friends to the Mr. Sketchy mascot we would expand the world that this fictional character lives in, while at the same time efficiently communicating that this is a fun, party, group game. We also noticed that it was missing the funnest part of the game, the final reveal of the players illustration.

We needed to approach the Mr. Sketchy mascot and Telestrations® brand with respect, keep its history and character, while amplifying its shelf presence. We explored very close-in branding and very far out logo executions and quickly realized that a close-in refined logotype will keep its original fun personality.



Now how did we execute with our new found knowledge?

Exploring colors, fonts, patterns, textures, die cuts, illustrations, type styles, renderings, mock-ups and materials helped us really hone in on what worked, and what didn’t work in the early stages of design. After some minor tweaks, refinements, physical mock-ups and client feedback, we ultimately decided on the final design.